Kookaburra quilt

When I saw this organic fabric, by Australain designer Saffron Craig, I just had to buy it. Yes, it was not cheap, and no, I didn’t actually need it, but Oooooh it was so pretty. And sometimes a girl just has to treat herself, right? In my defense: I do not own many pairs of shoes.

As the weather in Belgium is (finally) getting too hot for a duvet, Norah really could use a blanket for her Big Girl’s Bed. An entire quilt in Saffron Craig fabric would be a bit too expensive, so I just opted to combine two half meters with some solids from Schröder (Rotterdam).

The Saffron Craig fabric is, by the way, the best quality organic fabric I have ever worked with. Not too thick or stiff, very soft, bright colors and a sharp print. More than worth its price!

Better too long than too short, I figured, so I ended up with a 220 cm long quilt. I was a bit shocked when my calculations revealed that this meant that I had to make, iron and stitch more than 6 meters of bias. A few hours of my life well spent.
It also turned out to be impossible to take flattering pictures of such a big quilt – not really something you can put on a hanger. So here’s a really terrible picture:
Yes, I’m aware that there’s this thing called an iron. I really am.

21 thoughts on “Kookaburra quilt

  1. Love the colors!
    And that fabric paired with the orange binding really steals the show 🙂 (I should join a fabric rehab program as I always purchase fabric that I don't really need. Oh well, like you I don't have many pair of shoes…)
    Hope Norah's is glad about her new quilt! (my girl is waiting for a new one since Xmas, lol)

  2. An, this is a beautiful quilt. I can see why you fell in love with this organic fabric. Wow, just gorgeous!!! And I feel your pain in terms of taking full pictures of long quilts…. they never seem to turn out right. They always look awkward, no? Although I normally include a full picture of my quilts (I've only made 4 so far!), I much prefer close ups (folded, rolled up, bunched up). They just seem cuddlier that way, haha!

    Love you work and your blog!


  3. Love that fabric. It is so worth owning less shoes for it. When I splurge on fabric I tell myself it's okay because I'm not going to buy anymore fabric for a long time… unless I slip up. I slip up a lot.

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