One more

I wasn’t really planning on making any Tinny‘s anytime soon; I’ve made more than enough in the past weeks. But right before releasing the pattern, I wanted to do a final test of the adapted asymmetrical collar.
I picked a fabric from my stash that I wasn’t really fond of (what what I thinking when I bought it a few weeks ago?), as I wasn’t planning to finish the dress anyway.

But as I was making the bodice, I suddenly realised why I liked the fabric (bought here) again, and I just had to finish the dress.

I used the 2Y pattern (Norah is almost 3-and-a-half, but weighs less than the average 2-year-old) and lengthened the bodice with a strip of the fabric of the collar. I left off the sleeves, and finished the armholes with fine bias instead.

The idea for the bow came from my friend Véronique – brilliant, isn’t it?

Of all five Tinny versions I’ve made so far, I think this is my favorite. Funny how things can turn.
The photoshoot was, as you can imagine, a pleasure as always.

On a different note: here’s a picture of a masked squirrel holding a needle and thread.


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