Tinny winny

I think I mentioned them a few times before, my fabulous pattern testers. Some of them have blog, others do not, but all have them have been so important in improving my patterns and instructions. Thank you so much, ladies!

Some of the testers who do have a blog are offering you a chance to win a free Tinny pattern – some right now, others in the next couple of days and weeks. So keep an eye on the blogs of the testers below, and you might spot a chance to winny a Tinny!

Amanda of Heartland Happy and Ana Sofia of  S Is For Sewing

Debora of the Belgian blog Toertjes & Pateekes and Olga of Kid Approved

Ashley and Elizabeth of  FranscesSuzanne and Christine of Beanniequilts

Marta of Do Guincho, Maria of Fil a l’Agulla and Victoria of As It Seams will probably be posting their dresses in the coming days or weeks (but their fabulous blogs are worth a visit right now already!).

And speaking of winning… FrancesSuzanne will also be hosting an amazing year-long contest called Flip That Pattern, with amazing prizes for the contestants (which have already been selected)… AND the sew alongers (you, perhaps?). In August, the challenge will be to sew your own interpretation of he Tinny dress, and I’m currently working on nice prize package (patterns, fabric, and something more) for the sew-along winner!

Make sure to check out this month’s contest, which is all about Heidi’s ubercute Bubble Shorts pattern!


7 thoughts on “Tinny winny

  1. Thank you for the opportunity for testing this wonderful dress, An!
    I have a few additional versions in the pipeline …
    Of course that due to the fact that this dress features so many options, it won't be an easy pattern to flip 🙂

  2. Hi An!
    I'm sory I haven't post my dress' photos yet… And thank you for linking to my blog.
    Looking at all these lovely dresses I just feel like trying all the different combinations your pattern offers!

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