Knock it off guest post: Marilyn Tov sleeves

For the second time, the wonderful Heidi of Elegance and Elephants is hosting a Knock Off series. I was very happy to be invited again, and decided that I would give a pair of Marilyn Tov sleeves a try. This NYC-based brand makes stunning girls’ and women’s clothes, generally in creamy or greyish colors, and always with lovely details.

The sleeves I tried to knock off are a great example of Marilyn Tov’s style: they look deceptively simple, and add such a nice touch to an otherwise simple dress.

I’m not very much into pinkish or creamy garments, so I decided to use a white fabric with very subtle dots.

The result doesn’t look exactly like the original, and this is mainly because I put in the sleeves backwards: the part you see in the front, is actually in the back (and thus not on the picture) in the original dress. I liked the back part better than the front part because the layers were better visible there.

The dress itself was created from the bodice of my upcoming Tinny dress pattern: I just lengthened the bodice and widened it from the underarm on. As the fabric is sheer, I used a double layer, so that her underwear wouldn’t show through. For the hem, I did a little experiment: on the right hand side, I cut the upper layer bit higher, while on the left hand side, the under layer is higher.

While I don’t think this qualifies as a very good knock-off (sorry, Heidi), I am quite happy with the result, and cannot wait for some decent weather so Norah can wear her dress outside!
Make sure to visit Heidi’s blog and see some amazing knock-offs (and get a glimpse of her upcoming free pattern!)


19 thoughts on “Knock it off guest post: Marilyn Tov sleeves

  1. j'adore littéralement ces jolies manches! et je pense utiliser ton super tuto very soon! merci pour ton ingéniosité et ta générosité!

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