Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style week 13: Me Sew Crazy

This week’s guest is the wonderful Jessica, whom we all know from her fabulous sewing blog MeSewCrazy. Well, that or from SewSet, her superhandy online pattern and tutorial catalogue to which anyone can add. Or from Digital Needle, of course, the digital sewing conference she’ll be organizing in September. Or from The Sewing Rabbit, the umbrella underneath which she organizes all these endeavours.

No, our Jessica is no ordinary sewing-on-the-side seamstress; this lady means business!
But most of all, she’s a supernice mother of three who is absolutely crazy about sewing, and who creates the sweetest little outfits. Don’t believe me? Just scroll down a little bit…

Hi everyone! My name is Jess the Sewing Rabbit and I author the sewing blog Me Sew Crazy. I love the whole idea of European kids clothing style. After having lived in Bavaria for a few years, I have a soft spot for European fashion. The more simplistic kids clothing that seems to emanate from the area around Bavaria always catches my eye. Kids are still kids, and the clothing has a sense of timelessness to it. So when asked if I would be a part of the Belgium Style Kids Clothes Series, I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to learn more about this specific region, and try it out for myself.

I loved learning that many of my Pinterest Pins originated from Belgium Style. The bright and bold colors, the playful mix of patterns, paired with the more vintage pattern style. It is all so visually stunning. Making this dress for my daughter was such a treat, and she has already worn it more than a few times. There is something just perfect about a simple sundresses.

Using a basic A-Line dress jumper pattern, I added the piping underneath the bib detail and paired it with some vintage bubblegum pink buttons. I absolutely love the way this dress turned out, and will definitely be thinking of Belgium Style more often in my creations.

Thanks again so much for having me here today An!


6 thoughts on “Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style week 13: Me Sew Crazy

  1. Love it! I love all these bright colors (especially as it was, um, snowing today). The color combo, whimsical pattern, and pink buttons are so…HAPPY! And that last photo is too sweet, those puffed out cheeks and little stamp on her hand–I love it!

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