peplum top with tulip flutter sleeves (KCW day 1/2)

My plan was to not sew anything before my second pattern was finished. But not sewing during Kids Clothes Week? Nu-uh.

So I made a new version of the peplum top I made a few weeks ago (and which will be pattern #3). The top is the same as the previous version, except that it has two overlapping flutter sleeves (an idea I got when making these cuffs) and piping in the waist.

The fabric is Nani Iro Colorful Pocho in pink, bought at MissMatatabi. Because it was a 40 cm (15″) remnant, the top is slightly shorter than the previous one.

I lined the top with gold Venezia lining fabric (Veritas), which I also used to make piping. I was afraid that this type of fabric would be too smooth and thin to make piping with, but it actually worked out very well.

I’m pretty happy with the result, and that has everything to do with the fabric I used. Naomi Ito’s fabrics never disappoint.


22 thoughts on “peplum top with tulip flutter sleeves (KCW day 1/2)

  1. Absolutely beautiful! So I have recently explored the Japanese sewing book….now I think it is time to explore the Japanese fabrics. So far I have not seen anything I don't like 😉
    Does the flutter sleeves have the gold linning on the inside?

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