Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style week 10: S is for Sewing

Kids’ Clothes Week is kicking off today, and what better way to start than with some Belgian style outfits? Today’s guest is Ana Sofia, the lovely lady behind S is for Sewing. I invited Ana Sofia, who lives in Portugal, for many reasons. Not only have we been online friends for quite a while now, I was also very curious how she would translate her own style into the Belgian style. For Ana Sofia has a very distinct, classic style, and she has a soft spot for very soft colors and flower prints (Liberty lovers: go check out her creations!). But most of all, Ana Sofia is an amazing sewer, with a great eye for detail and for the meticulous finishing of each garment. The smocking tutorial she made for Oliver+s is simply amazing, and so is everything she makes, really.

So make sure to visit S is for Sewing!

One other thing before I give the floor to Ana Sofia: a few people requested that I’d start a Flickr group where anyone could upload their Belgian-style creations. So I did! About two weeks ago. And nobody uploaded anything. Except Rachael. Whom I kindly asked to. So that doesn’t count. It’s embarrassing to have an almost empty Flickr group. So if you made anything in Belgian style in the last couple for months, and have some shred of human compassion in you, you know what to do.


Hello! My name is Ana Sofia and I’m pretty excited to be featured here at the Kid’s Clothes Belgian Style!
Although, I’ve been to Belgium quite a few times yet until An’s invitation I had never noticed they way children dress in Belgium – probably too busy hunting books in adorable libraries and chasing bright-coloured toys for my own kids.
Despite failing totally in love with the Belgian sense of aesthetic I have to admit, finding the “right” fabric and pattern was difficult (for me). My girl, however, was pretty excited ever since I told her about it: She was so eager to get a “deer or wolf dress” (Sorry M. That fabric is so hard to find around here …)
If you follow my blog, you know that I sew my daughter’s (almost entire) wardrobe, so I assume this would be no different. I was determined to fit every piece of the Kid’s Clothes Belgian Style into her wardrobe.
Initially I was drawn to retro classic styles (similar to my usual style) and sew a Oliver + S Fairy Tale in a cute print from my stash (Punctuation from Moda’s) adding a bit of yellow dots and a green cardigan.
As we’re not in Belgium, when we stepped outside for some pictures, the weather was gorgeous and there was no way my girl would wear the cardigan. Still it looked quite nice, don’t you think?

I must tell you that we did got a lot of compliments!
I finished the dress ahead of time and somehow I knew I wanted to give Kid’s Clothes Belgian Style another try.
This time, I went for a bolder (for me) look, inspired by the Belgian label Maan – do check their designs if you are into ultra-chic and stylish designs for children.
image: maan kids
This time I used Oliver+S roller skate pattern for the tunic and a Japanese pattern from a book borrowed from a friend (Thank you, C!).
The tunic print is quite bold for me, yet to be honest I love it (it’s from the Indian Summer collection from Sarah Watson. Too cute for words)!

I used a yellow-moss print for the lining (Kumari Garden from Dena Fishbein) and broke the rules a bit – instead of understitch the lining seam allowance at the neckline I let it show a bit on the neckline as it makes such a nice contrast.

Somehow, and mostly because I knew I was stepping outside my comfort zone, it was such a nice surprise to sew both outfits. These are now part of my girl’s wardrobe and will, definitely, be worn a lot.

You see, my little girl loves Belgian Style. And, to be honest, so do I. Aren’t you tempted to get some Belgian cool style into your children wardrobe?
Thanks An for having us here! We had so much fun!!!   

12 thoughts on “Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style week 10: S is for Sewing

  1. An, I didn't know you had a flirk group!
    I saw a lovely dress at Milk magazine that I thought would be perfect as a inspiration for the Kids Clothes Belgian Style. I will have to sew it and sheare it with you!

    Ana, gostei muito do vestido mas gostei ainda mais do segundo look. Muitos parabéns! A sua filha deve andar contentíssima com as suas novas roupas!

  2. Thank you An!
    It was such a great experience to sew outside the box! We're now officially hooked on Belgian style!
    Thank you all for the sweet comments above! You made my day 🙂
    Ana Sofia

  3. Ana Sofia brings up an interesting point, depending on where you live finding the right fabric (to create a Belgian style dress) can be difficult.
    I was at a local fabric store yesterday and I had the opposite problem, there were at least 20 scenery fabrics ~ which one do I sew a dress out of???
    So it got me thinking would anyone be interested in an International Fabric Swap?
    For example I live very close to these stores:
    Put 'Novelty Cotton Print' in the search and hundreds of fabrics will come up, just a warning not all the fabrics will be Belgian style, but you will find many scenery fabrics: birds, deer, wolves, bears, horses, southwest, etc.
    Just an idea, think about it and let me know 🙂

  4. Great job on both, Ana Sofia!! Japanese patterns are so intriguing to us (although we've yet to sew one), and the Roller Skate Dress is cute, cute, cute! Very Belgian style indeed :).

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