Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style week 9: Emma and Mona

A very special edition of the Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style series this week, as we have our first and only Belgian guest! I really wanted to have one compatriot as a participant, and Emma & Mona was an obvious choice. I don’t think there is one Belgian sewing blogger who is more popular or prolific than Griet. While Griet is a part-time teacher and a mother of two cute twins (named Emma and Mona, yes, good guess, Sherlock!) she also finds the time to post a new cute outfit several times a week. In a magazine article, Griet once revealed that she sewed 1400 pieces in two-and-a-half years. That’s right, fourteen-hundred. No, American readers, you do need to convert that from the metric system to your imperial system or whatever – Griet actually sewed 1400 pieces of clothing in two-and-a-half years.

On top of that, Griet is also a co-author of a beautiful sewing book (in Dutch), and a very talented photographer. Griet blogs in Dutch, but her photography is so beautiful that I bet most of you non-Dutch speakers couldn’t care less what she writes, as you are too busy swooning over her stunning pictures anyway. If you like the Belgian style, make sure to visit Griet’s blog, because Emma and Mona is all about fun, colorful and stylish children’s clothing.

Anyway, without any further ado: Here’s Griet!


“Are you really a true princess?”, the prince’s mother wondered.
She lay the little girl to sleep on a huge pile of soft matrasses.
And she hid a pea at the bottom of the pile.
A true princess would feel that.

I made a dress for which I found inspiration at Fred & GingerI used a mint green ribbed fabric.

For the pattern, I cut a basic bodice and sewed a ruffle between the bodice front and the sides. I filled the bow with pillow filling and pinned it to the dress so it can easily be detached. The seam at the bottom was finished using a decorative stitch.

When the dress was finished, I was greeted by two happy faces thrilled by the fact that mum had produced a princess’ dress.
So it didn’t take much effort to motivate them for a photo shoot on a pile of matrasses.

This was my first guestblog ever!
Thanks again, An, for having me!!


26 thoughts on “Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style week 9: Emma and Mona

  1. I've admired your blog for a long time, Griet. Your sense of style is so refreshing…as is your colour choices and design aesthetic. And of course, always photographed perfectly! Thank you for sharing yet another beautiful look!

  2. Geweldig, een engelse gastblog met nederlandse reacties 😉 ! Mooi kleedje, dat wil ik ook eens proberen… Is de ruffle in dubbelzijdige stof of was de achterkant van deze stof ook mooi genoeg?

  3. Oh, this is sweet. Fantastic photography as well, you're right, great photos break language barriers. All photos, really… I love the green, and those ruffles! And, especially, the modeling…!

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