Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style Week 8: LBG Studio

We’re in week 8 of the Belgian Style series already, and today’s guest is Vanessa of LittleBigGirl Studio. Just like last week, we have former Project Run & Play contestant: Vanessa won the first round with the gorgeous – and, dare I say, very Belgian-looking – outfit pictured at the right-hand side below. But honestly, I love everything Vanessa creates. Her outfits are generally brightly colored (dodging the predictable pink+purple combination) and she always uses very stylish patterns with just the right amount of details. This allows her blue-eyed daughter Sydney to be the star of every picture, rather than her being pushed away by an avalanche of bells and whistles.
This is perhaps no coincidence, as great photography is another one of Vanessa’s strenghts. I love those minimalistic and bright photographs of hers, and I often wish I had the time and talent to make pictures which are just as good as hers.


So make sure to check out Vanessa’s blog (and her pattern shop!) for more inspiration.


Hello! I’m Vanessa from {lbg studio} and I’m so excited to share my Belgian style outfit with you today. I think An has put together a really cool series and have enjoyed seeing all the great outfits so far. Although I’m a big fan of European kids fashion, I wasn’t really familiar with the Belgian aesthetic aside from seeing an outfit or two on Pinterest. I took a closer look when I signed up to be a part of this series and loved what I saw. Things that stood out to me:  bold color, quirky prints, and lots of cozy knits. I was especially drawn to the way different colors and prints were combined – it all just works so well! 
A few of the outfits/pins that inspired me:  Morley | Hilde & Co | Van Hassels

My outfit started with finding the dress fabric – Timber and Leaf Fox Portrait in Gold. It caught my eye and I thought it was such an interesting print – one that in the past I might have passed over. I’m especially partial to yellow so I had to go for it. Seriously though…how cute are those little fox faces? I originally thought to pair the dress with a blazer type jacket but I couldn’t find a suitable fabric in the shade of blue I had in mind. Instead, I found a ribbed sweater knit and decided to make something cozy.

I wanted to try some patterns that were totally new to me so I headed over to Burdastyle and picked up this dress pattern and this wrap top pattern. The patterns turned out to be a bit of a challenge for me. The instructions were vague at best and there was no seam allowance included. I knew this going in so I made the best of it but I have definitely been spoiled by all the great photo heavy pdf sewing patterns out there! I had several ‘make it work’ moments since I had to guess at a lot. Despite my troubles, I love the outfit – the dress especially. I like that it can be worn with the buttons on the front or the back and will work well as a tunic as the kiddo grows taller.

Thanks again, An, for having me!! 

13 thoughts on “Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style Week 8: LBG Studio

  1. That fabric is fun and I love the colour combo and that the dress can be worn either way (good to hear feed back about the burdastyle patterns as I always wonder how I would go w one). Your daughter always looks so so sweet!

  2. Oh, yes I do love that fabric! I especially love how from a distance it just looks a bit geometric or floral. And that dress….I think I need it. So sweet, I love the silhouette and that cute length! I so love this series…

  3. Love the outfit and that fox print is fantastic. Really enjoying this entire Belgian style series – it is fantastic and has given me some good ideas. Thanks for pulling together such an inspiration!

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