A wavy collar

Another week, another collar experiment. This time I went for a wavy collar.

The dress pattern is the one I drew for my previous two vintage-inspired dresses (this one and this one) – this time, however, I used a gathered skirt (“Mommy, does this dress also have a twirling skirt?” – “Uhm, kinda. Sure. Uhm… yeah, you can twirl in it”). (
(Edit June 1: the Tinny pattern is now available here).

I absolutely adore this fabric – it’s Hello Pilgrim by Lizzy House (Andover Fabrics) bought at LiMaSews.

I wonder if I’ll ever get enough of these retro style dresses…


23 thoughts on “A wavy collar

  1. Nice collar design. The fit is bit boxy, is it intentional, my daughter needs lot of convincing to wear boxy style outfits, she always insists on more fitting outfits soi need to put in enough seam allowance to alter the dress as she grows 🙂

  2. I'm loving these retro style dresses so much, An!
    The wavy collar is perfect and your fabric picks are impressive – love the stripes!
    (guess there must be a new pattern in the pipeline?! Can't wait!)

  3. Thanks! And you're right about the 'boxy' look; it looks that way because it's still too big. I drew a three year-old size based on the average three year old's size, but with Norah being much thinner, it is too wide at the bodice. I knew this would happen, but I really wanted to test a 3Y version as this will be a new pattern in my shop…

  4. That's so perfect. Crisp and graceful.

    As for the sizing, my daughter also had a totally different “width” than the pattern would suggest is average for her age. Sometimes I've combined the height of 7 and waist size of 4 and even that had room for growth. But the one “fitted” dress I made her a year ago is now like a corset so big is I think better!

  5. I also thought 'butterfly' when I saw this collar… it's so sweet and girly and really looks nice with the hard lines of the dress. Love it 🙂

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