How to become the most popular mom on the planet

A few weeks ago, I made a seventies style dress, and yesterday I made a variation on it. Same basic idea (bodice with zip + skirt  + sleeves) but different details.

I replaced the pleated skirt with a circle skirt (my first ever!), the symmetrical collar with an asymmetrical one, and the tulip sleeves with a little experiment: notched sleeves (inspired by the Ice Cream and Geranium dresses, I guess).

The main fabric is Nouveau Geo Blue by Art Gallery Fabrics – I bought it in this Etsy store and it instantly became one of my favorite fabrics ever. I love the colors and the art nouveau-inspired print, but the quality of the fabric is also amazing: it is slightly thinner than most quilting fabrics, and much softer too. According to the Art Gallery Fabrics website, the fabric has “a deliciously decadent feel” – and that is absolutely true!

So, how about the title of this post, huh? I must say I read on more than one blog that little girls tend to like (dresses with) circle skirts, but only now do I experience first-hand what a circle skirt does to the three-year-old owner of two X-chromosomes. I’ve never EVER seen Norah so enthusiastic about a piece of clothing as she is about this dress. She wanted to put it on as soon as it was finished (no chocolate bribes necessary), she twirled around in it until she was practically nauseous (and then some more), next she insisted on going upstairs and to show it to her dad (“He’s working, Norah, he’ll be downstairs in an hour” – “I’m going NOW!”) and she uttered the historic sentence “I want to do a photoshoot now, mom”. I will cherish those 8 words forever.

I managed to postpone the “photoshoot” until today, and her circle-skirt madness hadn’t dwindled even a tiny bit. She insisted (wow, she does a lot of insisting lately!) on taking pictures in her room and in the study, and she wouldn’t take off the dress for her nap.

So, how do you become the most popular mom on the planet?
A circle skirt, dear readers.
A stupid simple circle skirt.


70 thoughts on “How to become the most popular mom on the planet

  1. I think you're going back in time! This reminds me so much of some 60s paper doll outfits I remember playing with as a kid. I really love this style and, if it's as popular with the girl herself as you say, I'm really leaning towards this for my niece's birthday gift. Last year I made her a very cute A-line, but it was much more of a hit with the adult members of the family.

  2. Absolutely fabulous…..please tell me this might be an upcoming Straight Grain pattern!! Both versions of it are wonderful, and I'd love to sew both styles for the nieces. Top it off with Norah's enthusiasm, and you've got a priceless combination!!

  3. Helemaal geweldig!! Ik ben sinds vorig weekend ook de beste mama (ik maakte ook een cirkelrok-jurk). 'Mama, er kwam een meisje naar me toe op het schoolplein om te zeggen dat ik zo een mooie jurk aan had…' Daar doe je het toch voor he, zo een vrolijk kindersnoetje!
    Zwier ze Norah!!

  4. Love it! That assymetrical collar is perfect 🙂 I can't believe I haven't made a circle skirt yet – ruffles are still a big favourite around here! I might try one with a heavier fabric now that winter is coming.

  5. *jumping up and down*
    I wanna be the most popular mom!

    Oh An, this is my favorite dress you've made so far. Gorgeous! If you're in need of testers, I would be MORE than happy to help! Maybe if I make one, Lala won't run away from me. 😉

  6. Okay so I have tried to leave this comment 3 times from my phone – arghhh – now at my computer!! Because I really want to say that I LOOOOVE this dress…really really love it! Your daughter looks absolutely adorable….and yes, very happy 😉
    Please consider me as a pattern tester if you decide to make it as a pdf-pattern. I would love to do that!!

  7. oh my, what a super fabulous dress, i want to make one!! i wonder if i'd have the same kind of luck with the circle skirt with my picky girl…i want to be a popular mommy too!!

  8. SO awesome! It warms my heart to read how much Norah loves it, too. I made a maxi-length circle skirt dress for Em as my “week 6” project run & play look, and MAN can that thing twirl! She loves it so much, and now that it's getting to small she asked me for another one. Enjoy that twirling, Norah! Oh and I love the fabric and the awesome collar and cuffs, too! Great little dress. 🙂

  9. You just nailed it! she loves the dress and it´s not pink, not even close!!
    I love the details of the cuff and collar, but I´m so in love with the lenght of the sleeves. Count me in for this pattern, I want it and my girls will love it even more.

    Oh, and a question: Does it have a zip at the back?

  10. De jurk is echt prachtig, het aangepaste patroon en de stofjes passen wondermooi bij elkaar. En cirkeljurken en cirkelrokken zijn hier ook steevast een glunderlach en een dikke knuffel waard…

  11. on this type of pattern cut at the waist an invisible zip at the back or side seam would be my prefered option. I`m not too worry about retro when it comes to techniques!

  12. when the pattern is cut at the waist an invisible zipper at the back or side seam would be my option. But that's me. I like well finished dresses and don`t mind non easy stuff. thanks for asking!!

  13. What an adorable, darling girl. She is so sweet!! I cannot believe how well she sits like a little lady! I know our readers would love to see this, too! Our Weekly All Things Thursday Link Up party is going on now at, and we would LOVE for you to join us with this post and/or any others you'd like to share 🙂 Hope to see you soon!!

  14. So awesome! I have a very similar Kokka fabric (grey and mustard of course)and I love these kinds of graphic patterns. You definitely deserve most popular mom award, An – fab!

  15. okay, i've tried commenting a few times and my ipad keeps losing it. argh! Anyway, An, THIS is spectacular! i love the notch in the sleeves, the choice of fabric, the skirt- so fun for Norah! well done!

  16. This dress is fabulous! I am so excited to see that you are developing a pattern for it! I have a little lady here that would love for me to make her a fun twirly dress 🙂

  17. I don´t know if I got it right first time, so… here we go again.
    I love this dress, the cuffs, the collar, and the circle skirt too. You are probably right, circle skirts have that something that only a girl, I mean little girl, can appreciate. It is probably because we are grown up women and we do not allow ourselves to go twirling around, but I am sure it must feel great to do so… So with your permission, I am going to do my best to sew my own version of your design, as i also want to be the best mum ever.

  18. It's all in the twirl factor, until they get to be about 9 and then it's comfort/style. Enjoy the easiness of it right now and practice making those circle skirts!

  19. I ended up making a version of your dress since my last comment. It looked so sweet for her birthday party. Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you see it as a compliment, and not that I'm entirely just a copy-cat of your work !!! Also, loving the Belgium Style kids clothes that are appearing!

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