Kids’ Clothes Belgian style week 6: Caila Made

Today’s guest is my good friend Caila from CailaMade. If I remember well, I first ‘met’ Caila when she invited me for her fabulous Best of Fall Patterns series last year. What I found was a marvelous blog full of fun, bright and stylish clothes, modeled by her super cute brood. I LOVE Caila’s dresses! And I don’t know where exactly Caila lives, but judging by the pictures she puts on her blog, it’s a place where the wheather is always great 🙂
Caila is also the uncrowned queen of framed clutches, for which she shares a great tutorial.
So make sure to visit Caila’s blog, and enjoy her gorgeous creations, and above all her super sweet personality!

By the way, Caila is currently participating in Sew-vivor, so make sure to vote for her!

Hello everyone! I feel so privileged to be here! I have a lot of respect for An as a seamstress and am happy to call her a friend even though we live across the world from each other. Thank you for having me here today!
Sewing for Belgium Kids Style was a fun challenge! The concepts that inspired me the most from this style are those that remind me of my own childhood: bright colors, very little pink (except as an accent color), comfortable designs, delicate details, and vintage inspiration. I tried to incorporate each of these concepts into my design.
Choosing the fabric was the most difficult part. I wanted it to convey the concepts I listed above, plus that feeling of childhood vibrance that we all remember so well. I think my daughter is feeling it in the pictures below, don’t you? The vintage-inspired bouquets on this print by Sandi Henderson were too perfect to pass up. 
The dress is a simple peasant style, constructed using the Sweet Little Dress pattern by Leila & Ben. It’s a fantastic pattern, with clear instructions and good pictures to illustrate the steps. I knew I could have chosen a more complicated pattern, but since a number of the other guests already used the Geranium Dress pattern (a favorite), I decided to try something new.
Plus, a simple pattern was the perfect showcase for a number of extra details I added to the dress:
As you can see below, I let the sleeves billow out, rather than adding elastic to the hem as called for in the pattern. I just love this little detail! I don’t know why, but it makes me imagine my daughter is a little buttercup fairy flying around in the sunshine.

The front bodice is also detailed with shirring, which is not included in the Leila & Ben pattern. Shirring is done by adding elastic thread to the bobbin and sewing in straight rows 1/4″ apart. Once you  are finishing stitching, back stitch to secure your stitches, then steam or spray the rows and apply heat, with the iron. The fabric will yield to the elastic stitching and give you these pretty rows of gathered stitches. It adds a little extra “fancy-ness” to an otherwise simple style.

See those little pink stitches in the photo below? I bordered all the flowers on the front of the dress with tiny pink running stitches! It adds dimension to the flowers and turned out to be my daughter’s favorite detail. I love sitting and watching some of my favorite shows while sewing by hand. It’s so theraputic!

The finished product looks great with a belt,

or a cardigan,
or by itself.
I don’t know why my daughter posed like this, but it was too cute not to share:
She’s a sweet, sweet thing. 

If you’d like to see some of the pictures that inspired this outfit, check out this, this and this Belgium Kid Style outfit. I love them all! This dress would be perfect with tights and a pair of boots, but it’s already too hot here in California for those. We are already enjoying Spring weather with our Easter treats!

Thank you so much for having me here, today, An! It was such a pleasure to make this dress and share it with your readers. And thank YOU for reading! If you’d like to see more of what I’m sewing, visit my blog, CailaMade where I share sewing projects, tutorials, and free patterns. You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram (@cailamade), Pinterest, and Flickr. Goodbye for now!


20 thoughts on “Kids’ Clothes Belgian style week 6: Caila Made

  1. ok, i have to say it. You crack me up.. i'm a spelling nerd and it's belgian. Belgium. hehehehe Sorry. I don't mean to nit pick you about it. Really though, the dress is absolutely lovely. I have enjoyed watching this series and being introduced to belgian style is truly inspiring. Thanks ladies!


  2. I'm not sure this is a “spelling mistake”. Aren't both “American style” and “US style” correct, for instance? I used the adjective form when I named the series, but I'm not sure whether Caila really made a mistake when she used the noun…

  3. the pink stitching is a great detail. and i always leave the elastic out of the sleeves when i make this dress, too. more comfortable i think.

  4. The colors are terrific, and I must add my *wow* to the embroidery you added to the front! The effect is so unique. The dress is superbly sweet, and one any girl would adore to wear!

  5. Really super cute, Caila! Love the extra embroidery detail and the loose sleeves. The sweet little dresses I've made for Em are some of my favorites – easy for her to pull on, so comfortable…and great in a fun print.

  6. Well, you called me out Mae! What can I say? I'm a total spelling and grammar nerd, too, and yet I made a silly mistake here. Oops! I'll blame it on my kids who were jumping all around me when I made the photo. 🙂 An, I sent you a new header photo so I can save face. Thanks for pointing it out, Mae! 🙂

  7. Thanks, Kristin! I think one of the dresses you made for Em was what turned me on to this pattern in the first place. They are just so comfortable and easy to wear! Abby wouldn't take hers off all day.

  8. Oh, I love this! I have this pattern too and never thought to add the shirring – what a great idea! But my favorite detail is the pink stitching around the flowers – just perfect!

  9. Hi Jessica! Thank you! To answer your question, I cut it out exactly as called for in the pattern, no bigger. The shirring fit there perfectly!

  10. Love this dress!
    I do find it so difficult to sew “free-pink” clothes for my girl (even if it's just a tiny bit …).
    The pink stitching is such a sweet and adorable way of keeping-up with the Belgian style 🙂

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