Sun & Surf Tour: Santa Monica Cinch

Today, the Sun & Surf Blog Tour train stops over at StraightGrain! Pattern Anthology is a pattern project by GoTo Patterns, Blank Slate patternsSee Kate Sew, and Shwin & Shwin, who joined forces to create eight Spring/Summer patterns. The anthology consists of 4 patterns for girls (the Sun collection) and 4 for boys (the Surf collection). Both packs can be bought separately or together, but they will ony be available untill March 24 (here).   

When I was offered to test one of the patterns I jumped at the opportunity and went for the Santa Monica Cinch, designed by Kate. It looked adorable in the yellow fabric on the promotion pictures, and it could make a perfect Spring jacket for Norah. 

While I was really happy to be able to test the pattern, time wasn’t really on my side. With a lot of work left on my own bubble dress pattern release, I had to settle for the fabric I could find in the fabric shop around the corner. My plan to make the jacket in a chartreuse or curry fabric quickly evaporated, and instead I went for grey.

The plan was to combine it with an neon orange ribbon in the back, so for the lining I chose a fabric with orange foxes. I bought this fabric more than a year ago and tunred it into a baby blanket, but I was so dissatisfied with the quality of the fabric that I never used the blanket. So this week I cut it up again, and used the fabric for the jacket’s lining – no one will really see the lining anyway, but the foxes will make the jacket very appealing for Norah. 🙂

A nice little computer crash or two further raised time pressure, as did  Norah getting  ill and not being able to go to school.  As a result, I couldn’t shop for the perfect ribbon and buttons to finish the jacket, and had to make do with what I had in my jars.

All in all, I must admit that my version doesn’t really do the pattern justice. With the right fabric and accessories, you can really make a gorgeous Spring jacket with this pattern! 
The only thing I changed to the pattern is lengthening the sleeves a bit (a practical rather than an aesthetic choice), and lining them so they’re easier to put on.

Despite all the rushing and frustration, I really enjoyed sewing this jacket. Because of the fact that the sleeves are not lined, and that bottom part of jacket has no facings, the jacket is super easy to assemble, which makes the pattern ideal for beginning sewists.
Thank you, Kate and co, for giving  me the opportunity to give the Santa Monica Cinch a try!

13 thoughts on “Sun & Surf Tour: Santa Monica Cinch

  1. Are you kidding? It may not have turned out how you imagined it, but I LOVE this piece. Grey is such a classy colour, and she will be able to wear it with anything! The lining & the ribbon also look FANTASTIC! Don't beat yourself up about it lady, this is a winner!

  2. An this is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sewing it up, I couldn't wait to see it on your adorable Norah! I love the grey also, great choice!

  3. Oh, my goodness…this is incredibly cute. I need this pattern! I have been laying low for a while, trying to get my Etsy shop going, but I am hoping to reenter the blogging world soon. I have a Naomi Ito pattern for a girl's dress to share with you.
    So glad to see your bubble dress pattern on Etsy…good for you!


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