A bubble dress with a collar

I did not get to much sewing these last couple of weeks, as I spent most of my time on the new patterns and instructions for the bubble dress. The whole process took me a lot longer than I had anticipated. Luckily, they are almost finished and I hope to release the pattern next Tuesday.

Making new patterns and a brand new tutorial also involved some sewing, of course. These pictures show the new version of the dress, with peter pan collar.
The fabric is Lotta Jandotter’s Ruta in Schooner, bought here and here.

Now let’s finish that pattern.

19 thoughts on “A bubble dress with a collar

  1. Adding that collar really hits it out of the park. (And I say that as someone who's a big fan of this cute bubble dress in its previous incarnations.)

  2. Die stof is magisch mooi hΓ©, ik heb ze hier in “navy” klaarliggen voor een kleedje, want dat is echt kleedjesstof! En Bubble dresses doen mij altijd verlangen naar een dochter :).

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