Confetti top

I’ve always been fond of flutter sleeves, but I had never really given them a go. Until about two weeks ago, when I decided to turn the half yard of Dear Stella’s Sprinkles in Multi I had been eagerly waiting to use into a Summer’s top. Yes, it’s still freezing (literally) here in Belgium, but I just couldn’t restrain myself any longer.

I started from a basic bodice block, and added two half ovals for the sleeves, and a wide rectangle at the hips for a peplum effect. The bodice is fully lined, with a blind zipper in the back (I know I’m predictable).

Often flutter sleeves are finished off with a serger or a zigzag stitch, but I like a clean and crisp look better, so I lined the sleeves.

The entire process (pattern drawingΒ + sewing) took me just 3 hours. Flutter sleeves ROCK.


29 thoughts on “Confetti top

  1. Love it! And with a long sleeved cotton t-shirt under (and maybe a thin woolen as well) it could work now πŸ˜‰ (I still remember how to dress for mid/northern European early spring weather πŸ˜‰

  2. I love everything about this post. The shirt and fabric are so adorable. And I love that I now know those kind of sleeves are called flutter sleeves. It totally makes sense. I even love your hanger.

  3. I've got to make a shirt like this for my girls too.
    It is simple but special, just as I like to dress them.
    Great work! Great inpiration!
    (By the way, Teresa has been trying to wear the bubble dress since the day i've finished it, but it is still to cold here in portugal for a cotton dress. She loves it!)

  4. I LOVE that fabric and the shirt is adorable! I have been coveting that fabric ever since it came out and am planning to use it for a duvet cover for my daughter's bed. I also made a bubble skirt off of your tutorial and just took pictures of my daughter in it yesterday. It's so cute!
    (I suppose you can gather that I've been admiring your blog from afar for quite a while, but today is my first time to comment. I'm really quite inspired by your creations!)

  5. Thank you for these kind comments, Millie! I'm really happy to hear that the bubble skirt turned out well – haven't heard from many people that they made it.
    I just added Cutting it Close to my feed reader πŸ™‚

  6. Fab! love it! Love how you lined them too, great look!

    I just completed your bubble dress pattern this week! i'll blog about it next week and send you a link, i LOVE it! its just a shame we're heading into winter here haha! x

  7. Flutter sleeves are my fav too. My darling dislikes sleeves and hence of I feel like adding one or if the outfit needs one, I go for ruffle sleeves, so much so that I even use them on traditional Indian pattu paavadai sattai which traditionally has puff sleeves!

  8. I love these little sleeves, especially on your sweet little model. It's still freezing (and snowing) where I am, too, but I made some summer skirts just because… A little spring fiver is going around, I believe…

  9. I'm also feeling the flutter sleeves for this spring. I am making quite a few tops similar to this (although they button up the front& feature a front ruffle as well) because I want her to get the benefit of airflow without worrying about getting sunscreen on the top of her shoulders. My daughter is so fair skinned, it's the best way to keep us both happy!


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