Announcing… Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style series!

Starting next week, this blog will host its very first guest series!
Beginning on Monday, at least 16 bloggers will present creations inspired by Belgian children’s fashion. What? Belgian fashion? So Belgiumproduces more than delicious chocolate, beer, and waffles? Oh yes it does!

Left to right: Anne Kurris, Dominique Ver Eecke, Morley, Aymara

Belgian brands like Dominique Ver Eecke, Atelier Assemblé, Anne Kurris, and Inge Van den Broeck may not sound as familiar as Benetton or J Crew, but everyone who is on Pinterest has undoubtedly come across creations from these designers.
Belgian children’s clothing can be characterised as very playful, colorful, often with a vintage touch, and with a love for special prints. No pink +  purple here 😉 Generally, patterns are very simple and minimalistic – forget abundant ruffles or campy embellishments. In order to give a sense of what the Belgian style looks like, I’ve created a special Pinterest board:

In the coming months, at least 16 amazingly talented bloggers will present their interpretations of the Belgian style. Take a deep breath before you look at the amazing list of participants:
Feb 11: Kristen from Skirt As Top
Feb 25: Venus from Suburbia Soup
March 4: Adriana from Crafterhours
March 11: Trine from Groovy Baby… and Mama
March 18: Heidi from Elegance andElephants
March 25: Caila from CailaMade
April 1: María from La Inglesita
April 8: Vanessa from LBG Studio
April 15: Griet from Emma & Mona
April 22: Ana Sofia from S is for Sewing
May 2: Jess from Craftiness Is Not Optional
May 6: Sanae from SanaeIshida
May 13: Jessica from Me Sew Crazy
June 3: Rachael from Imagine Gnats
June 10: Suz from Sewpony
June 17: Celina from Petit à Petit & Family
June 24: Rachel from Nest Full of Eggs
July 1: Yifarn from Japanese Sewing Books
July 8: Jessica from A Little Gray
July 15: Jen from iCandy
Can you believe this list?

For now: hope to see you next Monday for our first guest blogger, Kristin!

47 thoughts on “Announcing… Kids’ Clothes Belgian Style series!

  1. How very exciting! I've already had great fun exploring your Belgian kids style pinterest page, and have always been inspired by the styles you make for Norah. Speaking of Norah's style, would you mind sharing the brand/source for Norah's little boots? I can only find pink, sparkly, and frilly shoes locally and love her boots. Maybe I could track them down…Thanks!


  2. Thank you for your kind comments, Caroline! The boots are from an Italian brand called Zecchino d'Oro. I bought them in a brick and mortar shop here in Antwerp, and they seem very hard to find online 😦

  3. So fun! I worked as a pastry chef at a Belgian patisserie here in the states and learned a lot about the culture from my bosses…. Mostly about food and drink :). I'm excited to see what your guest bloggers have in store! -erin

  4. Looking forward to this series. I already follow your Belgian clothing pinterest board but it wasn't till I viewed it as a whole that I realised how similar to my style it is. Maybe not the animal prints, but certainly the bold colour combinations, use of prints and vintage style.

  5. I'm really excited about this series. I was in Brussels at the end of last year for work but managed to sneak a trip to a fabric shop it and it was the best one I've ever been to. It was really fun choosing which to buy. Really looking forward to seeing all of the outfits.

  6. Wow, dit klinkt héél leuk! Ik kijk er al naar uit en waag me ineens zelf aan nog wat meer 'Belgian style' voor mijn jongens. (An, Paspelpoezen)

  7. Wat leuk! I used to live in Belgium for a little bit, back when I was a research student, I loved it and thought it was such a well kept secret, a land of great beer and wonderful chocolates…and now later in my life I find that its also a country that produces some fabulous sewing blogs, and I have found some very nice Belgian online sewing shops. I shall be following along with interest. Met vriendlijke groeten aus Australie!

  8. I love the Pinterest board, and of course the series. I have a question: do you think it would make sense to start a flickr group for people who have been inspired to sew something Belgian-style because of this series? I would like to see what everyone is making.

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