Geranium dress (#1)

About 2 weeks ago, Made By Rae’s Geranium dress started popping up everywhere. The first 4 times I saw one (I think that was here, here, here and here), I restrained myself. Didn’t I have very similar patterns in my Japanese sewing books? Wasn’t this something I could try and draw myself?

The fifth time, I gave in. I couldn’t resist the Power Of The Geranium Dress. It haunted me in my dreams.
About a week later, my first Geranium dress was ready. I chose the version with  faux cap sleeves, and the little Icecream Dress notch in the front. Fabric is Echino Lion double gauze (from Fabric Tales).

The pattern is super versatile, and the instructions very detailed. I made only 3 changes: I had to deepen and widen the notch in the front a bit (it was too small to turn decently; the double gauze might be the reason for that); I replaced the buttons with a blind zipper (because it’s faster), and for the skirt I used one wide rectangle instead of stitching 3 smaller ones together (so no seams at the sides, which makes the print run through perfectly).

Can’t wait to make a second one. And a third. And a…


29 thoughts on “Geranium dress (#1)

  1. Oh it's SO cute, and knowing what that Nani Iro double gauze feels like, I'm certain it FEELS amazing too. Beautiful! Oh and I know what you mean about patterns that seem simple, like you don't need them, but then you realize it's nice to just have someone lay it all out for you with plenty of options. That's how I feel about this one.

  2. Gorgeous. I've made two geraniums, and would make a third in a heartbeat if my daughter's wardrobe weren't so stuffed with cute things to wear… A zip sounds like a great idea, but I think I would get hopelessly confused if I tried to alter the pattern.

  3. Hi An, lovely daughter and dress!
    I'm thinking to try Geranium pattern too but still not sure because my daughter is going to be 6 y.o and the pattern is only up to 5T. I maybe have to wait 'till Rae makes bigger size patterns 🙂

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