One trick pony / Liberty Love

You know I like bubble. Bubble dresses, peplum bubble dresses, and bubble skirts.

I wasn’t really happy with the bubble skirts I made so far, though. There was just something wrong with the shape. So I made a new pattern from scratch. From drawing the peplum bubble dress, I learnt that a rectangle is a better shape for the (outside) skirt than a round one. I applied this in my new bubble skirt pattern, and now the shape looks more the way I intended it.

I made two skirts, both in a fat quarter Liberty of London tana lawn – ideal fabric for bubble garments. The one above is in Ellie Ruth, the one below in Mauverina. Both are from this lovely French webshop.
The skirt has a waistband with an elastic – no zipper or buttons. Making one skirt takes me a good 2 hours.
Patterns in different sizes are on their way 🙂

11 thoughts on “One trick pony / Liberty Love

  1. Love these! Especially in the Liberty fabric (Liberty makes everything so wonderful, doesn't it?). Glad you worked out a pattern you like, though to my eye, the previous ones looked pretty cute too!

  2. Love this bubble dress & skirt so thought I'd have a go for my grand daughters, I have some lovely shocking pink satin like material & have found voile in the same colour, could I use the voile as the top layer for the skirt. I've never tried a bubble skirt before & am unsure how this will turn out.

    Sheila (UK)

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