Holy cow!

Norah’s first reaction when I showed her the Deer Dress? “It’s really pretty, but when will you make me the cows and horses dress?”.
Apparently, she remembered that in the same week the Deer fabric arrived, the postman also brought another piece of novelty fabric: Cattle Drive Scenic from Marshall Dry Goods (nope, I had never heard of that company either). I bought it from Bigskyfabricshop on Etsy, and it was ridiculously cheap.


I used the exact same model as I used for the Deer dress (well excuse me; I’m trying to sew a new wardrobe here, not reinvent children’s fashion). I combined it with a bright ribbon in a color I normally hate.


With Norah still in her ‘I don’t like posin’-phase, and me being too lazy to come up with some creative tricks to make her pose for me anyway, you’ll have to do with pics of the dress on a hanger.

Happy New Year, everyone!


14 thoughts on “Holy cow!

  1. You are such a fantastic momma for making her the cows and horses dress right away. (I would have fumed.) Ah, kids, they just have no filter. 🙂 Btw, I like the pink ribbon! Both dresses came out beautifully, lucky little girl to be so stylish.

  2. I love this so much! I would have never thought to use this fabric pattern for a dress – it is so awesome! I've really enjoyed your posts this year and look forward to your 2013 creations! Happy New Year to you and your family!

  3. ADORE this! I too would never have thought to use photographic print to make a dress. I have see a couple of prints and thought, wow that's neat but what would you do with it? Now I know better. 🙂

  4. Omigosh I love BOTH of these dresses! Seriously I've passed by this type of fabric in the fabric store so many times wondering who uses it and for what – and now you have shown me it's AWESOME! I totally want to make a dress like this for my little gal.

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