Oh deer!

‘Norah has enough clothes now, I’m going to make a few bags now’, I thought a couple of weeks ago. And then she had this growth spurt, and now about everything she has is too short. Bag plans in the fridge; time to create a new wardrobe…

First one on the list: a simple dress in the fabulous fabric American Elk Wildlife from Exclusively Quilters, bought on Ebay many months ago. Dresses in photographic prints are pretty popular here in Belgium, as they are made by hip (read: unaffordable) brands like Dominique Ver Eecke and Inge van den Broeck.

I stuck to my traditional rule: complex fabric; simple pattern. The bodice is a simple model with a blind zipper in the back; the skirt is a rectangle gathered at the waist.

I’ve never known Norah as enthusiastic about any dress as about this one. Next dress with a photographic print is in the making.

32 thoughts on “Oh deer!

  1. Fabulous, my deer!

    Just out of interest, what will you do with the clothes Norah has grown out of? I'm so reluctant to give my d's to the charity shop; on the other hand, there are too many for keepsakes!

  2. Great question! We're hoping for Norah to have a little sister some day, so we're storing them for now. But I've also been thinking about what to do with them later on. One idea is to cut everything up into little squares, and make a patchwork quilt out of them. Each patch would be a little souvenir to a dress I made. But I doubt whether that is actually going to be pretty. So I actually don't really know yet what I'll do with them. Probably going to keep my favorites…

  3. Do you have any recommendations for a nice simple pattern like this? I am a beginner sewer and I find simple patterns hard to find! Would it work to combine the skirt of your “super simple skirt” with the top of your peplum bubble dress?

  4. Hi Nicole! Great question; I also had difficulty finding simple bodice patterns, and that is why I started drawing them myself. I think Oliver+S Fairy Tale dress might be a good choice, as it has both sleeves and a peter pan collar which you could leave on or off, allowing for different dresses with just one pattern. I haven't used the pattern myself, so I don't know how difficult it is. The French brand Citronille also has great basic patterns, but I don't know how difficult they are to find in Canada.
    But you can also use the bodice from the peplum bubble dress of course. The skirt is just a simple rectangle, so no difficulty there. You could also vary with the skirt: gather it as I did in the deer dress, or make pleats all the way around, or just two in the front and two in the back (as I did here)… Let me know how it turns out 🙂

  5. I will check out that website. I also am going to venture to make my own on the Spoonflower website. I bought and downloaded a photo from an etsy website, and I'll send you a pic of the finished product…

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