A new coat

After some extremely busy weeks at work, combined with illness and a major computer crash, I finally found some time to work on a second Winter coat for Norah. I was quite happy with the way her first one turned out, but the insulating interfacing I used was not quite as warm as I hoped it would be. So I made a new one, this time putting some nice warm fleece between the outside fabric and the lining.


While I’m still crazy about DMK’s Double Breasted Coat pattern, this time I wanted something different: a standing collar instead of a peter pan collar, and some more straight lines. So with DMK’s pattern as a starting point, I drew something new, adding some nice details (straps on the sleeves and in the back, and little faux-pockets in the front). I used some super cheap fabric (€4/m!) from the amazing Rotterdam market.

As Norah is getting more and more reluctant about posing for mommy, I organized a little leaves-gathering session in our back yard, with Mr. StraightGrain taking some in-action pics. Of course, it was only when I was uploading the pictures on Mr. StraightGrain’s computer (mine crashed, remember?) that I noticed I hadn’t closed the last button of the coat. But I assume that her superflashy boots will get away with all the attention anyway 😉

Happy holidays, everyone!


9 thoughts on “A new coat

  1. I think that awesome smile should get most of the attention!:)
    What a beautiful coat! Love the extra details you added, and the styling with the boots, scarf and hat is so super stylish. Jealous of your Rotterdam market – my mom is from the Netherlands and talks about taking me back for a visit. Maybe I should find a way to go, and visit the market! Thanks for sharing – glad you're feeling better!

  2. Nice work! This one should be warm plenty (the stand up collar will help).

    It's difficult, isn't it, working with children?! I had to offer my bored-of-modelling-for-mummy daughter a fee the last time I took pics!!

    Enjoy the holidays!

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