Peplum bubble dress, attempt #2 (KCWC days 3-5)

On days three to five of KCWC, I gave the peplum bubble dress a second go. This time, I lengthened  the bodice by 2 centimeters (0.8 inch) and finished the neckline with bias instead of facing. And, most importantly: I used the fabric in which I had been dreaming the dress for a couple of weeks: Nani Iro Fuccra double gauze, from Kicoli’s Etsy shop.

 I think it definitely looks better with the longer bodice. In the next weeks, I’ll be trying to find some time to draw some patterns for ages 1 to 6.


15 thoughts on “Peplum bubble dress, attempt #2 (KCWC days 3-5)

  1. She is so stinking cute! I just love how you styled this perfect little dress. The boots are to die for and with those tights! Great job on the dress. Its fab. Thanks for linking up this week!


  2. This is so adorable. That fabric is gorgeous and those BOOTS! I love them. I really want to try make a bubble dress for my daughter now and I have some Nani iro double gauze that I think would be perfect . . .

  3. Bubble + double gauze = perfect match! No matter what pattern you use, bubble dresses or skirts always seem more bubbly in gauze than in regular cotton. I'm looking forward to yours! 🙂

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