Double breasted coat

Last year, I made DearMyKids’ Double Breasted Coat for the first time, and she wore it all Winter long. But as the picture below (of Norah’s first day to school) shows, it has become a teeny tiny bit too small (no, the coat is not supposed to have 3/4 sleeves).

So a new one was due. I went to several shops and markets to find some suitable fabric, but eventually, I had to settle for something I liked, but not loved. I found it on the market in Rotterdam, it was cheap, and it smells weird.

I ironed some insulating interfacing on the fabric to make the coat warm enough. I made it in size three, so Norah can wear it all Winter. So for now, I’m folding up her sleeves, which looks pretty ugly.

The model is really simple, and the pattern comes with great instructions. The only change I made was adding some facing in the front part.


21 thoughts on “Double breasted coat

  1. How beautiful and what fantastic colour combinations! Nora certainly knows how to wear her wardrobe with aplomb.

    What's the funny smell you're describing? Is it like the smell you sometimes get with wool. I hope it wafts away in the sunshine and fresh air. (if not, there's always sodium bicarb).

  2. Thanks Marianna! The smell is like a mixture of clothes which have been in the closet for 5 years, and rubber. The latter is probably from the interfacing: over the entire length and width of the fabric, there was already a thin layer of interfacing when I bought it, probably to keep the fabric in shape(?) Never seen that before.

    I'll definetly give the sodium bicarb a try!

  3. I have used this pattern a number of times with great success. Now I have a new granddaughter , so I can make matching coats for the two little sisters. SEW fun!!! XXX Annelies

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