Golden girl

What convinced me to buy Citronille’s Violette pattern a couple of weeks ago was not the drawing on the package, but this gorgeous linen version of it by Four Little Frogs. I first made the Violette in Liberty of London fabric, but last week I finally gave in to a persistent urge to make it in linen as well.

I used a left-over from solid grey linen I bought at Stoffenspektakel in Antwerp months ago, and I decorated it with gold textile paint. The skirt of the dress is not as wide as in the original pattern, which I regret, but I had to make do with the fabric I had.
For quite complex sew-technical reasons*, I used a blind zipper to close the back, instead of buttons.
The dots are painted by hand, not stamped. I still can’t believe I painted about 120 dots without screwing up!
* I hate sewing on buttons.

15 thoughts on “Golden girl

  1. fabulous, fabulous! come Christmas time I will be very, very tempted to copy your golden dots idea (probably using a stamp though, since I wouldn't be capable of painting 125 dots without mistakes).

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