A Violette in Mitsi

A few months ago, I bought half a metre of the Liberty of London fabric Mitsi at Fabrique Romantique. I had the perfect model in mind for it – a dress with a short bodice, high gathered skirt, and short sleeves – but couldn’t immediately find a pattern which represented that model. Eventually, I bought Citronille’s Violette. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I could turn it into my dream model with some simple adaptations (shorter bodice, higher skirt, shorter sleeves, basically ;-)). Plus, after spotting this dress, I fell in love with the original pattern also.

The first version I made was a complete failure: the dress was too wide, and the neck opening way too small.     I had to disassemble the thing almost entirely, and start over again. Luckily, the second attempt was much better.

Norah showed her hidden talents as a stylist, by suggesting to blow bubbles during our little ‘shoot’. Great idea, sweety!


11 thoughts on “A Violette in Mitsi

  1. Thanks for the tip, Angela! I had looked on the Burdastyle website (even the German version, which has way more patterns than the English one), but didn't find a similar pattern. Which was a pity, because the Burda patterns are much cheaper than Citronille's 😉

  2. So sweet! I'm glad you had enough motivation to start over and try again! I think I would have been tempted to forget it! The fabric print is so pretty, too.

  3. what beautiful fabric! And of course, the model is pretty darn cute as well:) Love those Citronelle patterns – one of these days I will give in and buy one!

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