Dandelion dress

About a year ago I bought the Japanese sewing book Girly Style Wardrobe, after seeing this fabulous blouse. Since then, the book was translated into French (as ‘Little Girl‘ – I guess Japanese English and French English are two different things), so I should have had a bit more patience.
This week, I finally made something out of it: pattern C, which is the dress version of the Fabulous Blouse. As it was the first time I made it, and as I had to resize the pattern from 100 to 92 myself, I decided to use cheap fabric in case anything went wrong. And it kind of did, because I made a complete mess of the resizing, and had to add some pleats in the sleeves. And now it is still too big. Oh yes, I’m a real pro. I made the dress a bit too long, so Norah could wear it next Summer.

As I was already experimenting anyway, I thought I’d just take it a step further and use textile paint for the first time. After some failed attempts with a brush on a fabric leftover, I bought a textile marker, and that went a lot better.

After much thought, I decided to go for a dandelion. Thank you, Pinterest!

9 thoughts on “Dandelion dress

  1. this is absolutely adorable! I bought fabric paint to make a dandelion flower shirt using a shower puff (idea found on pinterest, lol!) But I think I like the textile pen look better. Great job!

  2. I love this dress. I have the Girls Style Book by the same author. I have been looking for more books in English. Maybe French would be easier to 'guess' the translation than Japanese would.

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