V is for Vintage

When I saw the announcement of a new book called “Couture Vintage Enfants“, I was super-excited. Published with Hachette, the company who translated many of those gorgeous Japanese sewing books to French, this one couldn’t be bad! I ordered it the day it came out, and was all set to start sewing a wardrobe which would turn Norah into the 2-year-old version of Sally Draper
I was a bit disappointed with the styling of the book: they could have made more of an effort to inspire the photographs and choice of fabrics on the 1950s-60s and 70s style the book aims at. There’s this thin line between old-fashioned and vintage…
But then again, who cares about the styling of a book – it’s the patterns you buy, not the fabrics, right? The first dress I made was pattern J, ‘robe with pleats’.
The original dress, as pictured in Couture Vintage enfants
The pattern  and instructions contain quite a few mistakes (e.g., the diagram of the pattern pieces show a clearly different piece for the back and the front panels of the skirt (each to be cut 2x),  while the actual pattern shows one piece for both (to be cut 4x)), but nothing which could not be solved. Originally, I made the dress with the sleeves, but I took them off again as they turned out to be way too small (odd, given that I used the 4-year old size of the sleeves and arm opening for my skinny 2.5-year-old). As I was too lazy to draw new sleeves, I used bias to finish it off.
I used Kona cotton (Robert Kaufman) for the first time, and I must say: it’s not overrated! It’s so soft, and a joy to work with. I added piping to the dress to give it more of a vintage look. Both the fabric and the piping (La Droguerie) are from Julija’s brick and mortar shop.

4 thoughts on “V is for Vintage

  1. This dress is adorable! I love how you used the piping and I definitely think your little one is the spitting image of a young Sally Draper. So funny! I really adore the look and how you made it work. 🙂
    PS: I'm your newest follower!

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