Balloon dress in lawn cotton

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4 thoughts on “Balloon dress in lawn cotton

  1. Oh wow! I love the use of the fabric on this dress pattern! It looks like it has a bit of linen print on it too. Your little girl is so cute!!! 🙂

  2. I’m just finishing my (7 year old) daughter’s bubble dress and feeling chuffed that I coped despite the instructions being in Japanese.
    One question: is this dress really cut against the grain?
    The dress you made is lovely and it looks so light. Your little model must be an inspiration. I love that last picture: she looks so pensive.

    • Dear Marianna, thanks for your nice comments! My daughter indeed is a great little one to sew for 🙂 Difficult to photograph because she can’t stand still for a second, so for every okay pic I generally have 100 bad ones 😉
      As for the grain: I don’t even remember. I took the pattern on the fabric as a lead, not the grain 😉
      And I love your blog! So inspiring… I just added it to my feedreader.

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