On Parade!

On Parade by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller must be one of the cutest fabrics ever designed. I bought some of it last year in this shop and counted the months until it was finally time to make a summer’s dress out of it.
Because the design of the fabric is so amazing, I (1) wanted to use a very simple pattern – no ruffles, puff sleeves, or other details that would distract attention from the gorgeous fabric (2) I did not want to combine it with other fabrics. I knew that combining it with pink or blue fabric would only make this classy fabric look cheap.
For the top, I used this pattern. For the bottom part, I used one rectangle of the fabric; not my regular way of working, but it allowed me to “close” the parade without any overlap.
I actually made the dress a couple of weeks ago already, but was waiting for some nice weather to take good pictures. Yesterday, I gave up – took Norah outside for some snapshots, and used Pixlr to deal with the grey weather. Guess I should have photoshopped the raindrops on the tiles too?

5 thoughts on “On Parade!

  1. Dear An, I would like to make 2 dresses with this fabrics on the same way as you did. Dresses both size 86/ 1,5 years. My twin dautgher are very tiny as they where born way too early. They're doing fine! I would like to have the print all arond de skirt. How much fabric should I buy? Thnx for helping me. Tomorrow I'm going to start with the Tiny Dress for the first time…

  2. Hi, the print runs along both of the selvages of the fabric. So,the best thing you can do is take a piece of quilting width fabric from your stash, place the pattern pieces on it (against the grain) and measure how much you need. My guess is that 1yard will be enough for two tiny toddler dresses 🙂

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