Echino balloon dress

– Balloon dresses are my favorite dresses.
– Double gauze is my favorite type of fabric.
– Etsuko Furuya of Echino is my favorite fabric designer.
Do I need to explain that I was pretty eager to make a balloon dress in Echino double gauze?
The fabric is Echino Chelsea Lion in grey, and I must say, double gauze turns out to be a great fabric to make balloon dresses in. It falls very… balloonylike.
I drew the pattern myself, recycling the pattern from the Nani Iro Pocho dress I made earlier.
And if now, we could finally get some nice weather here in Belgium, so that Norah can wear her dresses outside as well? Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Echino balloon dress

  1. In a little store called the internet 🙂 I buy a lot on Etsy (for Japanese fabrics especially Miss Matatabi and Kicoli) and also Fabric Tales. But if you Google for brands like Echino, Nani Iro, and Horaguchi, you'll find plenty more stores.

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