Heather Ross quilts

I must admit, that I’ve never been a big fan of quilts. For some reason, to me, most quilts looked as if they were beamed up straight from the 1980s. But… a few weeks ago I spotted a gorgeous quilt in this Etsy-shop (now sold). I went looking for the fabric which was used, which turned out to be out-of-print fabric from Heather Ross’ Mendocino line. I bought some fat quarters on Etsy and, inspired by Sweetpea’s design, combined them with some affordable blue fabric and orange gingham fabric. A complete quilting novice, I started measuring, cutting, and sewing… and found out that making a quilt is actually pretty easy (if you don’t use complicated geometrical patterns, I guess I should add).
*** Note to self: iron quilts properly before photographing them ***
I regret some of the choices I made – wish I had put more variation in the size of the scraps – but overall I’m happy with my first quilt. So I made a second one. Also in Heather Ross fabric (Far Far Away III):
I like this one less that the first one – the color combination is not quite inventive – and so does Norah, who keeps asking to put on “the one with the fish” again. Oh well, I can’t blame her for having good taste, right?

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